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One man will embark on a record-breaking attempt to scale 14 of the world’s highest peaks, all of them over 8,000m. The previous attempt took over 7 years. If successful this will smash that record by completing the challenge in just 7 months. As a retired member of the Gurkhas and SBS, as well as being the current world record holder for climbing 3 of the 8,000ers in the fastest time ever recorded, Bremont ambassador Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE will embark on this challenge sporting the new Bremont S300 White. Nims aims to establish a paradigm shift in the perception of human potential, breaking more than 7 speed world records on mountains above 8,000m.

Known for producing watches which are tested far beyond the normal call of duty, and with the extensive military pedigree that we have, Nims knew that Bremont could deliver a tough and reliable timepiece for this epic adventure.

“I firmly believe that everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset, this much Nick and Giles have proven in their own way in terms of bringing back watchmaking to Britain. Now that my military career is behind me, I will strive to break more boundaries and help others move forward in their lives, realise their dreams and exceed my and their limitations. This challenge I am about to embark on is certainly hard, but I’m excited and driven by the prospect of creating history. When so many elements are out of my control, having failsafe equipment is a necessity and I couldn’t be more confident in having Bremont as my timing partner. I grew up with British Gurkha and Special Forces heritage, it’s an honour to represent what I believe is the ‘best of British’ in teaming up with this pre-eminent British watch company in their endeavour to reinvigorate the British watch industry. Project Possible 14/7 is a time sensitive mission and I look forward to testing the S300 to the next level, where no man or woman has taken it before.” - Nims 

S300 White

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Nirmal Purja, known as Nims, is a Gurkha who proudly served in one of the British militaries most distinguished regiments in defence of the United Kingdom. Nims is the first Gurkha to climb Mount Everest while serving the British Military and he is the current holder of multiple World Records for the fastest ascent of double and triple header mountains in the ‘higher than 8000m’ category.

Nims was awarded an MBE for his outstanding achievement on high altitude mountaineering which includes:

• Orchestrating the rescue of a stricken Indian climber, who had succumbed to cold weather injuries in the infamous ‘Everest Death Zone’. Although the rescue was gruelling, it was successful, and the climber has made a full recovery.

• Completion of the G200E Gurkha Expedition that took 13 Gurkhas to the top of Everest, for which Nims was the lead instructor.

• Fixing the all-important rope lines to the summit of Everest. The original fixing team missed multiple windows due to bad weather; Nims formed a team and took care of this essential work. This action resulted in the safe and successful summit of G200E expedition as well as for all other teams and climbers on Mount Everest that season.

• Shortly after the G200E Gurkha expedition Nims returned to the region and managed to set a number of world records during his 7 days spare leave:

• The fastest consecutive summits of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu (Higher 8000m peaks) taking a total of five days.

• The fastest time ever from the summit of Everest to the summit of Lhotse, taking a total of 10 hours 15 minutes, beating the previous record of 20 hours.

• The firt person to summit Everest twice, Lhotse once and Makalu once, in the same season, taking a total of 17 days.

“Project Possible: 14/7” is a unique chance to captivate the scientific research community and advance knowledge on the high-altitude adaptation and physiology. The project will provide important opportunities for local Sherpas and guides to forge a career in the mountains and will promote the homeland of the Gurkhas among the 8,000m mountains. The project aims to raise awareness for a number of significant causes, most notably for UK military charities, supporting Nims’ colleagues who may have been wounded, injured and/or who suffer mental health issues. Equally, the support for Nepalese children’s charities and orphanages dedicated to education and wellbeing is of paramount importance, not forgetting raising crucial awareness of climate change and global warming.

Bremont Ambassador Nims

 Nims will be wearing the Bremont S300 White.

Bremont S300

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