I wish it could be Christmas every day

Reliving the big day might be an unreachable dream this festive season, but if you're still trying to extend the fun, you'll need to start hopping across time zones like Santa on Christmas Eve. That's going to require a complex timepiece to make sure you know when Christmas starts and finishes! For all you jet setters, we've created the wonderfully over-engineered Bremont World Timer.

Treat the traveller in your life, or yourself, to the perfect watch this Christmas or help them to always look the part with a new strap. We've picked our favourite pairings below, along with a selection of our luxury travel accessories.



Bremont Ambassador Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja conquers K2 in winter with no supplementary oxygen. Deemed to be the last of the great mountaineering challenges, Nims can now add yet another world first to his extraordinary list of achievements. K2 is not...

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