Bremont U-2 JET 6

New Releases

Bremont are delighted to introduce you to its new 2019 watch collection. This year’s releases feature several notable additions to the Bremont line up including a remarkable new partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) honouring Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. The Bremont ’Armed Forces Collection’ comprises three new chronometer-rated timepieces relied on for their precision and accuracy. Three new timepieces are introduced into the Supermarine range and a brand new Ladies collection is introduced via the SOLO-34. Last but not least, Bremont have developed a Limited Edition MBIII to celebrate 10 years since the launch of the first Martin-Baker timepiece created by Bremont in 2009.

If you would like to discover the entire collection and everything you need to know about Bremont, then you can request our 2019 edition of the Bremont Brochure here.

Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Blue Front 9e60baa8-2e3b-446a-94cb-0489468b2275


SOLO-34 LC White Alligator

Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Bracelet Front


SOLO-34 LC White Bracelet

Bremont SOLO 34 LC WH Black Front


SOLO-34 LC White

Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Blue front 74086945-e9ef-4cab-924a-cf85a4879c73


SOLO-34 AJ White Alligator

Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Bracelet Front 2b5526c2-8f81-470d-8229-5cca79c6f115


SOLO-34 AJ White Bracelet

Bremont SOLO-34-AJ-WH-Black front 79ff0798-5159-42d2-aa3f-3c8de03723c2


SOLO-34 AJ White

Bremont SOLO-34 AJ MP Bracelet Front 10b9ad25-6a96-4771-a6b4-5ebbd2dbed8e
Bremont SOLO-34 AJ MP Blue Front 7ffe95b5-74d3-4805-8db4-511afd3361cb


SOLO-34 AJ Mother of Pearl Alligator

Bremont SOLO-34 AJ MP Black Front 67c43d1b-585b-4c88-be27-f297cc8162ce
Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Blue 3dbbe4fe-b32e-404f-b5df-f71def8690fc


SOLO-34 AJ Black Alligator

Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Bracelet 1026d03d-8bce-45cd-aba8-35aa4b707bac


SOLO-34 AJ Black Bracelet

Bremont SOLO 34 AJ BK Black 9afc5e2c-e382-4255-a77d-96642377ea60


SOLO-34 AJ Black


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