B-1 'Ronnie Wood' Marine Clock

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It has been worth the wait, Bremont is extremely pleased to announce a new bespoke ‘Bremont Ronnie Clock’ which showcases a unique hand painted dial by esteemed rock legend and critically acclaimed artist Ronnie Wood.  It has been four years since Bremont released its first bespoke marine clock with Ronnie Wood and this new model depicts a different period in Ronnie’s life. Whilst the first clock Ronnie completed was inspired by his abiding passion for horses the 2017 edition is titled “I feel like painting” and the oil painting on the dial very much represents his love of art.

Using the foundations of the Bremont B1 Marine Clock, which is one of the most sophisticated Marine Chronometers ever made, this Best of British collaboration presents art and clock making in a way that is rarely seen.

If you are interested in ordering one of these very special clocks please contact Bremont directly.