Discover the next timepiece in the #BremontUnwrapped series.


Martin-Baker is a British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s air-forces with fighter ejection seat technology. They first approached Bremont to create the definitive aviation watch in 2007/08. More than simply putting a logo on an existing model, the watch had to withstand the same rigorous testing programme as the ejector seats themselves. Two years later, the Bremont MB range (MBI & MBII) was born. The limited edition Bremont MBI was solely for pilots who had ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker seat. This rather select group includes US congressmen and senators, CEOs of leading FTSE and Dow companies, and the chiefs of six air forces around the world (the one exception is a major Hollywood star who tracked down and persuaded an ejectee to buy a watch on his behalf). While the MBI is reserved for the few, the MBII is available to all and has become a Bremont best seller.

Bremont MBII

Bremont MBII


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In the run up to Christmas Bremont will be unwrapping a selection of watches for the perfect festive gifts. Discover the first timepiece in this new series #BremontUnwrapped.
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