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Bremont Unwrapped | Episode 5

In the penultimate #BremontUnwrapped, discover what makes the ideal gift for travellers


The wonderfully over-engineered Bremont World Timer, ALT1-WT, is one of the more intricate military watches ever produced. Created for pilots and travellers the world over, it incorporates a complex, highly-finished dial. The Roto-Click® bezel enables the user to work out global time zones using the International landing location. And the adjustable 24-hour hand can display UTC or ‘Zulu’ time.

Bremont ALT1-WT

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Mention the word Henley to an Englishman and he will immediately think of Henley Royal Regatta. Nestled amongst the rolling Chiltern Hills, the small Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames hosts one of England’s most venerable sporting and social events. First held in 1839, Henley Royal Regatta is an annual highlight of the rowing competitive calendar.
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