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The new Bremont Manufacturing & Technology Centre, also known as ‘The Wing’, has been progressing very well despite the obvious disruptions this year. The new 35,000 sq ft facility, which will house Bremont’s parts machining, watch assembly, after-sales and all other aspects of the business under one roof, is planned to be open its doors early in 2021. 

The ongoing development of Bremont’s new headquarters is undeniably a project borne of a passion to build our manufacturing capabilities in the UK, it has taken nearly 5 years to get to this point and it’s very exciting to be nearing completion. Bremont currently operates out of two different sites, one for parts manufacture and the other, watchmaking and operations, sites which are 20 minutes apart. Space constraints have been an issue for a number of years now so the expansion is much welcomed and needed. Importantly, the continued work on a new British movement, developed by Bremont, requires manufacturing and assembly space and The Wing has been designed to accommodate what will be a historical moment for our company and British watchmaking. This state-of-the-art manufacturing centre illustrates Bremont’s dedication and commitment to reinvigorating watchmaking on British soil.


Mine and Nick’s long-term vision has ultimately been to play a part in the revival of British watchmaking. We knew the journey wasn’t going to be easy, it’s certainly been a marathon up until this point and one that we are very much still running. That being said, our new watchmaking facility, set to open early 2021, brings us ever closer to reaching this goal.

It was over four years ago that we started our exhaustive search for a new site to house the whole UK team together under one roof. With so many different parts of the business to please this was always going to be challenging.  

Devising a space to accommodate sizeable dirty CNC machines near a watch assembly area, where the smallest bit of dust can prevent a watch being built, was going to stretch the confines of any space. That’s not forgetting the need to keep Nick happy in his ivory tower!

After an extensive search in a wide area around Henley, we concluded there wasn’t going to be anything suitable already on the market. We needed to start afresh and build a brand new state-of-the-art facility that would be able to satisfy all of our business requirements from manufacturing to marketing.  

Culden Faw Estate, our current landlord, came to the rescue as they had some land that we were able to use for our development. So, with a lot of hard graft over the past few years and working with South Oxford District council as well as our architects, Spratley Partners, we have got to this rather exciting point…   

We will update you further as we get closer to the big launch!

Giles English 



Enter our competition to be one of the first to see our stunning new facility by winning two tickets to the official launch event, hosted by Bremont Co-Founders Nick & Giles English.