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Luxury Watches

The Bremont collection of luxury watches is perfect for those desiring a highly accurate yet classic timepiece. Constructed in limited numbers by expert watchmakers at our headquarters in England, each watch is uniquely Bremont. Our core range of luxury watches comprises beautifully engineered mechanical timepieces, elegantly designed with signature features like Bremont’s innovative Trip-Tick case construction. Every watch in our core range is chronometer certified by the COSC and all come with a three year warranty. Our exclusive Limited Edition collection pays tribute to incredible nautical and aeronautical endeavours, and the greatest feats of engineering and adventure. Founded on a love of aviation, Bremont’s admiration for heritage and classic design goes hand in glove with our use of modern technology and cutting edge materials. Our watches are ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’ and we never compromise on our high standards of precision, durability and reliability.

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ALT1-P2 CR Front
ALT1-C AN Front
Bremont-ALT1-C-WH-BK-Front 180226 092632
ALT1-C CR Front
Bremont ALT1-C PB Front
ALT1-B BR Front
ALT1-B-Front 170412 164658
ALT1-ZT Front
ALT1-ZT 51 Front
Bremont ALT1-C PW Front
ALT1-P2 BL Front