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About Jamestown Revival

Jamestown Revival is an internationally recognised Americana/Roots Rock band from Austin, TX. The duo, made up of Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay, who affectionately describe their music as "Southern & Garfunkel", are childhood friends. They write songs about everyday life and from a young age they shared a love of music and the outdoors.

Prospectors Blues – Jamestown Revival

Jonathan Wears ALT1-C Griffon & Zach wears ALT1-C WH/BK

Jonathan, why did you choose your Bremont?

I chose the ALT1- C Griffon because It’s incredibly classic. It’s versatile too. Pair it with a suit or an old pair of jeans. Either way, it’s right at home.

Zach, what is it about Bremont that resonates with you personally?

For me, it's the adventurer’s spirit of Bremont that really resonates. People pursuing something bigger than themselves.

Jonathan's Quick-fire Q & A


Musician, Singer Songwriter

Friends call me



Houston TX

Currently Lives

Austin TX

Special Talent

My son would say that it’s doing push-up’s while he sits on my back

Philosophy of life

Personal responsibility and accountability. What you get out of life strongly correlates with what you put into it. Give yourself permission to be young.

Cup of Tea or G & T

G & T. I’ve recently grown quite fond of Gin. Add to the fact that there are a few local distilleries creating some unique gins, and I’m in business. My personal favourite is Deer Hammer’s Gin out of Buena Vista, CO

My Bremont

ALT1-C Griffon

Most interesting place you have taken your Bremont

True to the brand, I took it up in a dual prop plane a few weeks ago. It felt very much like a right-of-passage for the watch. I never take mine off, so it travels everywhere with me. It’s starting to show the signs of a life well lived.

Zach's Quick-fire Q & A



Friends call me



Monahans, Texas

Currently lives

Austin, Texas

Special Talent


Philosophy of life

Moderation in Moderation

Cup of tea or G & T


My Bremont

ALT1-C White/Black Bracelet

Most interesting place you have taken your Bremont

To record an album in old, open air, hay barn that we converted into a studio.

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