A pilot's watch should endure everything the pilot does

Martin-Baker is a British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s Air Forces with fighter ejection seat technology. They first approached Bremont to create the definitive aviation watch in 2007. More than simply putting a logo on an existing model, the watch had to withstand the same rigorous testing programme as the ejection seats themselves. Two years later, the Bremont MBI was born. The limited edition MBI remains solely for pilots who have ejected from an aircraft using a Martin-Baker seat whereas the MBII and MBIII are available to all.

The MB Range is a must-have for any serious collector. It has been put through the same intensive, extensive testing schedule that the ejection seats go through.

MB Logo


Live ejection launch (pictured above) puts the watch under extreme G forces.


The Multi-functional Operators seat (MFOS) is used in helicopters such as the Blackhawk. This particular test pictured was simulating a dynamic forward crash at over 18G, moving at 42ft per second.


The Bremont MB watches have been subjected to Temperature Testing to ensure they continue to operate in extreme conditions. The watch is held for one day in temperatures as low as -40° C, and then up to +40° C for a further 24 hours.


The test shakes and vibrates the watch on the wrist of a test dummy to simulate a 30 year life of an aircraft.


The watches are held in an Altitude Test Chamber to simulate taking them up to 100,000 feet for 60 minutes before being rapidly brought down again.


The ACDT test simulates the level of salt fog and humidity that an aircraft carrier deck would endure during a 6 month tour. Exposure to salt and then drying for 96 hours tests the watches against corrosion and the binding of moving parts.


The robust nature of the MB is not only down to the testing, but the over engineered design of the watch. Both the movement and mechanism of the Martin-Baker have been designed to ‘float’ in a controlled manner within the Bremont patented Trip-Tick® case by attaching the inner case to it via a flexible ring. In doing so, shocks to the movement are minimised and shock energy absorbed. As well as this, the inner case that encloses the movement of the Bremont Martin-Baker has the function of an anti-magnetic shield. This inner case is made from soft iron and has been created to work as a ‘Faraday-Cage’ making the Bremont Martin-Baker watch immune to extreme magnetic fields, and a timepiece that has truly been ‘Tested Beyond Endurance'.


The MBII retains the classic DNA that has made the MB a must-have for any serious collector. It has been put through the same intensive, extensive testing schedule that the Martin-Baker ejection seats go through.