The simple connecting thread of British watchmaking is one born of practicality. Britain as an island nation relied heavily on maritime capability to connect itself with the world, to establish trading relationships, to explore the globe and to defend its shoreline. The necessity to understand proximity is central to maritime excellence and to search for Longitude requires exacting and consistent timing. This is a watchmaking culture inherited from the practical necessity to reliably know what time it is and to understand your location when out in the wilds of the world.


This British watchmaking culture became part of the national spirit through a sense of adventure and curiosity.

To climb, to trek and to sail to the far corners of the unexplored parts of the Earth. The spirit of the British adventurers and explorers are central to our brand’s spirit.

This spirit, along with an essential and practical approach to watchmaking gives us our provenance, our reason to be, and our alluring mission to create the world’s most capable mechanical tool watches for those who know no boundaries.

Bremont Watch Company (US)
Bremont Watch Company (US)


When it comes to crafting the most durable tool watches, the testing doesn’t simply take place in the workshop. We have gone to extreme lengths to put our watches through the same rigorous testing schedule that a Martin-Baker fighter ejection seat goes through, including live ejection, temperature extremes, vibration and much more.